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is a nature conservation site situated north east of Birmingham in the town of Sutton Coldfield.This former farmland covers 198 acres of green belt countryside and forms a corridor between Walmley and Sutton town centre.“I’m glad they’re repainting them,” he said, adding that he would like to see the city study protected lanes. “I think there should be some sort of protection there separating the street from the bike lanes so people don’t get hit by trash trucks,” Audrey said before scooting off with her neon skateboard.

The cyclist was taken to a London hospital with serious injuries.

Car drivers will raise a loud cheer that a hooligan has been made to pay for his reckless actions, while cyclists will lament a custodial sentence for the type of collision that many manage to avoid every day.

There is no doubt that a significant proportion (although still a minority) of cyclists ride irresponsibly, but to put this in context their behaviour is far less dangerous to the population as a whole than the 80mph-plus tailgating antics of...

Anyone who saw the incident, or the Mercedes beforehand, is asked to call the Serious Collision Investigation Unit on 01622 798538 or emailing AW/MS/117/17.

Officers are also keen speak to the lorry driver who has not yet been traced.

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Fredricks was on her way to work at Le Chéri near Rittenhouse Square, where she was an executive pastry chef.

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